Founder Section: Duron Epps JR and the Birth of Cleansips

Duron Epps JR, a passionate and forward-thinking individual hailing from the vibrant borough of Queens, New York, is the visionary behind Cleansips. With a heart deeply connected to the outdoors and a profound concern for the environment, Duron's journey to creating Cleansips was an inspiring tale of blending personal values with a global mission.

Growing up in the midst of the urban landscape of Queens, Duron developed an unbreakable bond with nature whenever he had the chance to explore it. Whether it was hiking through local parks or escaping to nearby rivers, he found solace and inspiration in the great outdoors. It was during these moments of tranquility that he also witnessed the devastating effects of pollution on the waterways and ecosystems that he held dear.

The Journey Story: A Quest for Sustainable Solutions

The seed for Cleansips was planted when Duron embarked on a trip that took him beyond the familiar streets of Queens. Traveling to various corners of the world, he encountered communities that faced a dire scarcity of clean and safe drinking water. The stark reality of this inequality deeply moved him, igniting a spark of innovation and determination.

Upon returning home, Duron couldn't shake the idea of finding a tangible solution that would not only address the issue of accessible clean water but also promote sustainable practices. This led him to the concept of reusable water bottles and water filters. With an unwavering belief in the transformative power of small actions, he set out to make a significant impact on both people's lives and the environment.

The early days of Cleansips were a testament to Duron's dedication and perseverance. He tirelessly researched and collaborated with experts in design, manufacturing, and environmental sustainability. It was a labor of love, fueled by his genuine desire to create products that would change lives for the better. Overcoming challenges and setbacks, Duron navigated the complexities of bringing his vision to life.

Goals of the Company: Empowering People and Protecting the Planet

Cleansips was founded on a dual-purpose mission that mirrored Duron's personal passions. The primary goal was to provide a simple yet effective solution to the global water crisis. By offering high-quality, BPA-free reusable water bottles and innovative water filters, Cleansips aimed to empower individuals to take control of their hydration needs while reducing the reliance on single-use plastic bottles. This not only improved access to clean water but also contributed to the reduction of plastic waste that was choking our oceans and rivers.

Furthermore, Cleansips was dedicated to raising awareness about environmental conservation and inspiring a shift towards sustainable living. Through partnerships with local organizations, educational initiatives, and community engagement, Duron and his team worked tirelessly to foster a sense of responsibility for our planet's well-being.

As Cleansips gained traction and recognition, it became more than just a business venture; it became a symbol of hope, a reminder that each person has the capacity to make a positive impact. Duron Epps JR's journey from the streets of Queens to the global stage was a testament to the power of one person's passion and the ripple effect it can create.

In the end, Cleansips wasn't just about selling water bottles and filters; it was a catalyst for change, a movement that transcended borders and backgrounds, all sparked by the vision and determination of a young man who dared to dream of a cleaner, healthier world.